Admission Procedure

The principal aim of the Admissions Policy of the The Manvendra Global School of Gwalior is to offer admission to students of the highest intellectual potential, irrespective of social, racial, religious and financial* considerations. The purpose of our admission policy is to help you through the admission process effectively and to help you place your child in the appropriate class. The more relevant information we have, the more effectively we will be able to achieve this.

STEP – 1

• To begin with , register your Childs name at the school office along with the Registration Fee, payable by DD only in the name of THE MANVENDRA GLOBAL SCHOOL, GWALIOR.

STEP – 2

The documentation which you need to submit with your application:

• A copy of EITHER the child’s birth certificate (Original) OR attested photocopy of the relevant page from the child’s passport.

• Official copies of the student’s academic reports for the past two years (Grade 1 and Above).

• Five recent passport size photographs.

• Application Form.

• Medical Record.

• Transfer Certificate from the previous school. (From grade/class 1 onwards)

Once your application is received, the admission process will begin. Your child’s age will give the initial indication as to the appropriate class, and the aptitude test (for grade/ class 1 and above) will either confirm this or lead to further assessment.


These are the guidelines for dates of birth for children entering The Manvendra Global School. We believe students should be with children of the same age, tackling tasks with the appropriate intellectual challenge. Preceding Entry to the class the child should be born between:

• Entering Nursery - Should be the age of 3 years.

• Entering KG 1 - Should be the age of 4 years.

• Entering KG 2 - Should be the age of 5 years.

• Entering Class 1 - Should be the age of 6 years.

• Entering Class 2 - Should be the age of 7 years.

• Entering Class 3 - Should be the age of 8 years.

• Entering Class 4 - Should be the age of 9 years.

• Entering Class 5 - Should be the age of 10 years.

• Entering Class 6 - Should be the age of 11 years.

• Entering Class 7 - Should be the age of 12 years.

• Entering Class 8 - Should be the age of 13 years.

• Entering Class 9 - Should be the age of 14 years.

STEP - 3

After receiving the initial documentation with your child’s application, we will arrange for an assessment to place your child in the appropriate class. Aptitude Test.

• For entry to Class 1 and upwards, children are required to take an aptitude test. This will reflect what we expect a child to be able to do by the end of the preceding school year, though those seeking admission during the final term will be assessed using learning objectives from the current year of study.

• Those seeking admission to Class 6 and above will be assessed also on their understanding of scientific concepts in addition to Mathematics and English.

• We prefer to meet students personally and discuss their interests and academic progress with them. This process is also essential for those who have found the aptitude tests difficult, for we would want to carry out a further assessment in order to place the student in the appropriate class. If possible, we like to meet both parents.

• At The Manvendra Global School, we always welcome students and strive to offer them a platform to showcase their abilities.